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Module Store

Based on market knowledge of 15-year experience, we provide best Enterprise Social Network integrated modules that best serve Vietnam business

  • Contract Management Contract Management
    Contract Management module allows user to create & manage contract forms & contracts.
  • Check-point Management Check-point Management
    This module help company manage working hours, office leave, late work and...
  • Business Travel Management Business Travel Management
    This module allows to manage every tasks related to business travel such as: on-site...
  • Official Note Management Official Note Management
    Official Note Management module has similar features with contract management module...
  • Employees Profile Management Employees Profile Management
    This module help user to add on & manage profile & list of all employees in...
  • Absence Management Absence Management
    Via this module, users can submit their absence form for approval all online and also...

Our Clients

  • Within only 4 months after deployed, Enterprise Social Network deeply effected & changed our Internal Communication activity. Our working flow between departments and workgroups now become smoother & more efficient over expected. The business process management tool also helps us much on time and cost management with more than 30 processes have been deployed successfully. We highly appreciate Enterprise Social Network in Vinh Tuong long-term business plan.

    Mr Binh Ngo
    IT HEAD - Vinh Tuong Company

  • 4 days of deployment, 1 week on training and 1 month of using: 60% of Song Nhac's employees went well with Enterprise Social Network. There are approximately 1,000 of messages exchanged between departments everyday which resolved many issues related to time & productivity. Thing I love the most about Enterprise Social Network is the synchronized system which saves us a lot of cost & resource.

    Mr Thien Ngo
    IT HEAD - Song Nhac Group

  • After just 1 month deployed, I recognized that Enterprise Social Network is useful system for businesses. Cost of Cloud version is also reasonable and suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. From managers to emloyees have actually been put into administration work flow in a scientific way, more closely, no longer scattered tracking from traditional tools such as email, chat, dropbox, calender of outlook,… All internal activities are delivered to target audiences, easily to search and edit. Thanks for YouNet SI’s supporting in recent times.

    Mrs Dung Vu
    HR Manager - D'FURNI

  • By using Enterprise Social Network at Socon over 1 year, I have realized the clearly impact of this system on management, communication and collaboration such as: improving internal communication efficiency; enhancing engagement between departments; narrowing distance from Head Office to branches, construction sites; tracking and managing projects tightly, simplifying traditional processes,... I admit that Enterprise Social Network can help business to save 20% total cost per year and increase work efficiency up to 50%.

    Mr Diep Vu

  • After over 1 year using Seft-Hosted version of Enterprise Social Network with full of outstanding features served for multiple divisions, efficiency and cost of ACBS was significantly improved. Moreover, the time for traditional processes as leave, approval for business travel,... have been resolved quickly by automatic systems which helps to save up to 30% in total time for both employees and related divisions. Enterprise Social Network is truly integrated solution for business development.

    IT Department